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Get your Zumba® on in 2015

Why? Because it is FUN!

Unlike the treadmill/elliptical/Stairmaster where you find yourself grudgingly beholden to the dashboard, (“Only 1.2 miles so far? Seriously??”) your Zumba® class will fly by. The moves are fast-paced and quickly changing, keeping you on your toes and helping you achieve a higher calorie burn.

There are plenty of anecdotal stories to support the effectiveness of Zumba®—take Ashlee Tomsche, for example. Ashlee was 21 and weighed 331 pounds, but by doing Zumba, she lost 123 pounds, six dress sizes and 10 inches from her waistline. During a Zumba® in Bangkok class, you engage many muscles, but you’re often unaware that you’re incorporating traditional fitness moves like squats and lunges because you’re so engrossed in the music and dance. Whether you’re young or old, fit or not, it can be a fun and challenging workout from head to toe.

Zumba® instructors are taught to alternate fast and slow rhythms, which simulate interval or high intensity training. Short, high-intensity intervals have been found to be much better for your heart and overall fitness than extended cardio. A study involving middle-aged adults found insulin sensitivity and blood sugar regulation improved after just two weeks of interval training, three times a week.

The fact that most Zumba®-goers regard it as fun adds another dimension of benefits—if you truly enjoy an activity, your follow-through will probably be better than if it feels like drudgery. Research also shows that music tends to make people exercise harder—and music is a major part of  our Zumba® class in Bangkok!

Cornell researchers found that those who regard their workouts as fun eat less afterward. Conversely, those who regard their workouts as work eat more snacks and desserts to reward themselves. So, the more you can take the “work” out of your workout, the better 🙂

Come and join us at Zumba® in Bangkok any time because Zumba® is for everybody and every body 😉

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