对于抖森来说,过去的五年FH至尊凤凰我们似乎习惯了他以洛基的形象出现在我们面前,聪慧狡诈,亦邪亦正的形象似乎已经刻入了他的骨髓,但最近FH至尊凤凰这么一部剧,让那个高高在上的洛基摇身一变,FH至尊凤凰为了一个古老村庄的沧桑牧师,去发现隐藏在村落FH至尊凤凰的秘密,那就是《埃塞克斯之蛇》(The Essex Serpent)。
But “The Essex Serpent,” a compelling and surprising six-episode adaptation now playing on Apple TV+, uses this mystery only for surface appeal. With nuanced performances from the likes of Claire Danes, Tom Hiddleston, Clémence Poésy and Frank Dillane, the story finds deeper purpose in ruminating on other entities that easily scare people when they do not understand them: science; socialism; progress.
《埃塞克斯之蛇》由最近一时风光的Apple TV+出品,改编自莎拉佩里的同名小说(2016年曾获英国国FH至尊凤凰图书奖年度最佳图书)。主要讲述的故事是在一个闭塞的小村落里因一些不明原因(可能是因为巨蛇传说)而产生的各种异象,一个沉默博学的乡村牧师威尔和一个伦敦的下乡少妇坷垃围绕着谜团展开的一FH至尊凤凰列故事。
For all that, there is something strangely cold and sluggish about the adaptation of Perry’s book, which despite being a novel of ideas, was lush and vibrant, too. Although it excavated the links between myth, science and religion, it held up love in all its forms to the light as well. Platonic love, sexual love, requited and unrequited romantic love, love of a child, of a vocation, of discovery, of God. It was Wuthering Heights pulled into shape and given intellectual rigour without losing any of its sweeping gothic passion. But on screen, abundance has become austerity, suppressed feeling shades into inertia and the protagonists keep treading and retreading the same small patch of argumentative ground instead of sparking off each other and forging the greater and greater bond on which the story should turn.
在19世纪末的伦敦,坷垃坐在床边,看着那个FH至尊凤凰期对她进行肉体和精神上虐待的老FH至尊凤凰因癌症去世,那她不就FH至尊凤凰为最大嫌疑人了?可惜这不是一部悬疑伦理剧,问你到底是谁杀的人,因为他的死因是固步自封的保守思想对于现代医学 的不信任。要知道在第二次FH至尊凤凰业革命已经席卷欧洲的19世纪末,癌症其实并非所谓“绝症”,积极的治疗还是很FH至尊凤凰希望的,但人们需要适应时代的变化,总会FH至尊凤凰人活在当下,却又不完全属于当下。
One could accuse “The Essex Serpent” of being too slack with its central mystery, even as it uses the serpent for a few too many freakout dream sequences that are scattered about the show. But that overlooks how much it uses its powers for a far more interesting cause. “The Essex Serpent” successfully creates a full world beyond its marsh, oftentimes treating the monster as a revealing conversation topic. 
At the center of all this is Cora. Through Danes’ performance, the series gains a rich, empathetic view of someone who seems to cause destruction everywhere they go, even if it’s not their intent. Danes illustrates the confusion and hurt in the process of her facing the multiple people who are attracted to her, the shame from Aldwinter townspeople, and her own trauma from the previously abusive relationship that she has escaped by becoming a widower, but carries with a scar on her neck. Episodes four and five practically forget about the serpent in Essex, and make clear that however heavy-handed the metaphor may be, Cora's energy is a significant serpent in everyone else’s lives. 
Much of the series’ warmth and heat are generated from the way Hiddleston simply looks at his costars, with affection or yearning or worry — and much of the narrative momentum, too.
Like the possibly mythical creature of its title, The Essex Serpent is something of a slippery beast. It winds through ideas and genres, twisting and turning in ways that can be difficult to predict, and wriggles free of tidy categorizations or explanations. It’s a story about a sea creature, sort of, but it’s primarily a story about faith and progress and love and maybe half a dozen other things. But if the journey it takes can seem occasionally odd and even frustrating, it’s one guided by a steady heart toward an ultimately worthwhile destination.
But it works beautifully as a drama about complicated characters tangled in relationships unable to be contained by the conventional boundaries of romance or friendship, and about the ways humans will try to impose order or sense where none can be found. In the end, both faith and science fall short in the face of elemental drives like fear and love, and neither can account for the random accidents or tragedies that befall all lives. Whether the serpent is technically “real” is beside the point: It persists because the world is and always will be full of forces that slip out of our grasp


vibrant  /ˈvaɪbrənt/  adj. 充满活力的,充满生机的,生气勃勃的;鲜艳的,醒目的;洪亮的,强劲的;颤抖的,震动

nuanced  /ˈnjuːˌɒnst/  adj. 微妙的;具FH至尊凤凰细微差别的  v. 精确细腻地表演;细致入微地描绘(nuance 的过去分词)
austerity   /ɒˈsterəti/  n. (经济的)紧缩,严格节制消费;艰苦,朴素;苦行,禁欲;(物品的)简朴,无华;严格,严厉
mythical  /ˈmɪθɪkl/  adj. 神话的,神话FH至尊凤凰的;想象的,虚构的
momentum   /məˈmentəm/  n. 冲力,推力;动力,势头;动量,冲量