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Why Sweating is so good!

Increased circulation– It improves your cardiovascular system.

Detoxification– By sweating toxins out through the pores – accumulated metals, alcohol, acids, and nicotine.

Immune system When your body temperature starts to increase, it mimics a fever that burns up the bugs in your blood.

Weight control– Sweating means you have increased you caloric demand, hence burning more calories. This causes the body to also decrease in size and removes cellulite.

Skin health– Another benefit of sweating (profuse sweating) is that it deeply cleanses skin pores and makes skin glow. It improves the tone and texture of your skin and will actually add a healthy glow and color to your face, making you radiate beautifully.

There is something primal about the process of sweating. The word root for perspire (another fancy word for sweat) is the same as the word root for spirit and breath, as is respire and expire. It is this basic mix of fire with water that creates steam in our bodies.

Remember, you are mostly water, and you are warm. When you heat water, it changes from a liquid to a warm steam as it moves up and out through the body, radiating heat and your electro-magnetic field (auric field, wei qi) beyond bodily form. Even under normal conditions sweating occurs constantly, though the process of perspiration may be imperceptible. Our skin is like a fine screen with bubbling, gurgling steam inside. So even when we are not wiping sweat off our faces, we are steaming a super-fine mist inside.

Inside our skin, heat rises right to our when the heart pumps faster, blood moves and the body heats up. Blood takes energy from the excess tissue and turns into heat and way down the line steams it out of our bodies.

Sweat in TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) starts in the kidneys with the spark of adrenal glands (like Kidney Yang), beginning the steaming process. The triple warmer is a little-understood organ which is responsible for water metabolism. The triple warmer has no form but exists in the spaces of the body, lower, middle, and upper. This triple warmer function is essential for good fluid circulation and therefore good sweat. Steaming liquids throughout the body and even all the way up to the top of the head is part of a cleansing process. A diet high in calories, damp food, and refined food promotes a clogging of the triple burner function. Clear thoughts and energy cannot be properly steamed up to the head or the house of the clear yang as it is called.

Lack of water and exercise also contributes to the clogging of the system, with the cauldron steaming a sticky, greasy mess instead of a fine mist. The bodily systems need to be unburdened., flushed, and re-opened. Spa programs which include colonics, detox programs, exercise, massage, and of course sauna/steam help quickly reopen the triple burner for optimal functioning or steaming.

Sweating is a primary way to reopen the triple warmer function and steam clear fluids throughout your body. After sweating, you get a calm and clean feeling in both body and mind.

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